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    Saving a few extra pennies

    Money saving, is not my strongest point. It was definitely something I wanted to improve for 2018 and here’s how I am doing it.

    I think anyone can relate that once payday comes it’s a moment of celebration.. but then I remember cars are not free to insure and phones are not free to use, those direct debits are coming straight at me!

    The best things to do are to not tell yourself; “oh, I’ll add the money next week when I put the next lot in” or “maybe I’ll just leave this one and do next weeks“. I’ve always had that ‘oh, don’t worry I won’t buy anything after this last t’shirt‘ and yet here I am struggling with 0.18p to my name.

    Here’s my plan for the weeks of 2018:

    The number of the week we are at in the year, corresponds to the amount you would save that week.

    By the end of it you’ll have an extra 1.3k saved up. Now that might not be enough for a house or a new car, however it’ll go far if you need it on a rainy day for food etc.

    With love,

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