Perks of Living in London ♡

♡ Hello, Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening wherever you are! I’m back, talking about my home city & why I looooove living here with some of the minor negatives about it too.

A cosy, weird little part of Olympic Park

♡ I have everything I need right at my doorstep, I live pretty much next door to the Olympic Park, East Village and Westfield Stratford City. For those of you who have been down to this part of London, you’d understand how pretty the Olympic Park is at night. It’s my FAVOURITE place to go for an evening walk.

♡ I work in Westfield, which means I also have EVERY single shop right there, right when I need it, what person doesn’t love to have all their favourite shops nearby?! (even if it is a little hectic sometimes, I tend to avoid it on Saturday’s and Sunday’s) I mean as sad as it sounds I literally couldn’t be without a Primark or a New Look store.

♡ Another thing, London is SO photogenic. Literally every time I go into the city (my college is also in the city so it’s nothing new to me being there) I cannot help but take pictures of all the sights. London Eye, Southbank, Covent Garden, EVERY PART OF THE CITY! I cannot even explain how much I love taking walks up there now and again. I was born here, but it just never gets boring.

♡ Beside the crappy transport, all of the crime in certain places and the racist chumps that live here, London really is an amazing place to live (oh and the ridiculously high living costs are also an exception to it being ‘amazing’). Whenever someone says to me ‘omg, you’re from London I’ve always wanted to go there’, I just find it weird because like it’s home to me, it isn’t something new? Do you get what I mean??

♡ I especially love Christmas in London, and New Year’s. Everywhere just goes so over the top, it’s just such a festive and happy time of the year for everyone who lives here or is visiting.

♡ I definitely think I’m a city living type of person, even though I do like the idea of living in a little cottage somewhere more suburban.

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  1. This is such a great post! I absolutely love visiting London, especially Covent Garden, there are just so many beautiful and unique places! I don’t think I could live there though, I don’t do well with crowded cities!

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