My favourite moments of 2016 ♡

♡ 2016 has genuinely been one of my favourite years, I’ve grown up so much (well, my personal opinion anyway) I have gained SO much independence. If you knew me last year, there is no way I would do half of the things I’m doing now, alone. My new job and new college, is just the start, I feel so much more independent now that I commute every day like an adult. I no longer feel like a child, is that random? I don’t feel so much anxiety when I’m going out, I’ll happily go out with no makeup on with family or my boyfriend. Though I haven’t quite mastered the confidence to not wear it to college (the pressure is unreal with girls my age) but you’re probably thinking that’s such a minor thing, for me it isn’t. I have worn makeup since I was 11, yes ELEVEN. I’ve never been a very confident person, yes I’m loud but not completely comfortable with how I look. Anyway, onto other things.. I got a new job too, at Watch Station which is owned by Fossil, and I’m loving it so much, it’s the first job I’ve had where the people who work there actually make it a happy, comfortable place to be. One of the main things of my year, I PASSED MY FRIGGIN DRIVING TEST!! I’m finally on the road, yas!

♡ This is also minor, but I’ve also found a hobby that I am genuinely so into. I’m literally obsessed. I get bored really easily with things & can’t keep most things consistent. But NAIL ART, it is my new favourite thing to do honestly. It’s the inspiration for this blog too so I can share the 25% of me that can actually be quite creative sometimes. I hope by this time next year, my nail art collection doubles! (my sad goals)


That’s my happy moments of 2016

With love, 

C x 

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