Perks of Learning to Drive ♡

♡ This isn’t one of my usual posts, but I thought it might be helpful to some of you 17/18 year olds like me. So I recently passed my driving test (November 2016), with just one fault! I thought I’d give some of my tips and experiences in case it’s any use.


MAIN TIPS: (I’m not very good with advice, but these tips are just what helped me so! These are mainly for manual driving but it’s kind of the same process for automatic learners, just one less pedal and no need for gear changing)

♡ Focus on yourself, your driving, gear changing, and all the important stuff as a pose to seeing what the driver next to you is doing whilst at the red light for example. Try not to be easily distracted!

♡ One thing I always struggled with was gearing down to turn, I always did it too early which made the car do a really confused jump or not at all and then lost control around a corner. What made me remember is “brakes to slow, then gear to go”, simply meaning before you even put your foot on the clutch, slow down to get the speed you need for the gear that will get you around the corner (so second or first). Of course, it’s possible to go round a corner in any gear, but for test purposes you’d get a minor if it wasn’t in less than third

♡ Keep track of when your lessons are, timings and all. The amount of times I have just rolled out of bed in my pajamas for a lesson that I forgot about is ridiculous. I literally throw on a jumper and jeans, brush my teeth and act as though I have been awake for ages. I usually put them in my phone since I’m on it constantly and set a reminder the night before.

♡ This is a weird one but I always drove badly in certain shoes. For some weird reason, I cannot drive in my Timberlands, my foot slips off of the pedal (causing me to stall, drive to slowly etc). I ALWAYS have to be comfy in my Converses, so yes wear comfortable and suitable shoes so your lesson has the best outcome.

♡ Driving instructors are extremely eager to make sure you’re constantly using all 3 of your mirrors. Most of the time for me, I was checking my mirrors consistently and when my instructor was watching me for 10 seconds I didn’t, it would come across as though I wasn’t using them at all. Make sense? Can anybody relate? Well anyway, when I first began driving in January, I neglected my mirrors a lot, but the easy way I remember to use them is to look each time I change roads/direction & if I am on a straight road for a while then around every 7 seconds.

♡ Blind spots, they’re easy to forget about. Remember to check them each time you’re pulling away or about to do a manoeuvre, and checking windscreen pillar blind spots at junctions. (the second really, is only necessary for the sake of not getting a minor fault on your test, I don’t feel the need to use it all the time now though)

♡ There is some seriously frustrating things about being a learner, and having that big L above your car. My biggest issue was being concerned too much about what other drivers are doing and thinking, which I guess is useful in some cases. What frustrated me the most was the aggravation of other drivers, getting impatient and rude because they’re in a hurry to be somewhere. It’s almost like they don’t remember that they were also a LEARNER once to get where they are now. Beeping you, cutting you up, all of that, it’s a joke. Simply because I’m driving a car with an L on it, it doesn’t make you any more superior on the roads. So don’t let them knock you back confidence wise, drive safely and focus on progression.

♡ I could go on, but I don’t want you to get bored.. as this isn’t my usual kind of post. However, if you did make it this far and you can relate, leave me a comment below and let me know how your driving is doing! If you have a test coming up soon then GOOD LUCK!

With love, 

C x 

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  1. Love this post! I’m learning to drive at the moment and have my test in 3 weeks (eek!) I can definitely relate to some of the points you made! Well done passing with only one fault!x

  2. Most nerve-wracking thing I ever did doing my driving test. I probably shouldn’t say this but one of the things that helped me was changing the gears for my mum in the passenger seat when she was driving as I was hearing when the gear needed to be changed. She knew when I was going to do it obviously! Good luck! Xx

  3. I drive already but I love this post for people that are still learning! I have loads of friends that can only drive in certain kinds of shoes. Luckily I can drive in any shoes as it makes life much easier haha!

    1. You’re lucky! One day I’ll accomplish that too💪🏼😂 but for now… I’ll stick with driving in converses just to avoid an embarrassing stall at a busy roundabout or something knowing my luck! X

  4. This was honestly so helpful! I’m going to bite the bullet and learn to drive in the new year. I’m 19 now and I’ve always put it off because I’m so terrified! Well done on passing!xx

    1. Thank you! And you should definitely go for it, the freedom you feel once you’ve learnt how to do it is great. And well, once you’ve passed, that’s it, you’ll never have to think about it again so it’s good to get it out of the way ☺️ x

  5. Found all of these things true when I was learning. I’ve been passed over a year now and it is really important to not care what other people think. Enjoy the experience. You all can do it!

  6. I can completely agree with the proper footwear tip! If I’m wearing flats for the day, I’ll make sure to have sneakers just to drive in them and then switch into flats when I’m leaving my car. A bit of a hassle but as long as I’m comfortable oh well!

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