HOW TO: Ice-Cream Nails ♡

WARNING: IF YOU EAT A LOT OF ICE CREAM… THEN THIS POST IS FOR YOU! (Even though you can’t actually eat this)


♡ The inspiration for this post was literally so random. I woke up on Monday morning & my first thought was “I’m so weird, I’m actually craving ice cream at 10 o’clock in the morning”, clearly I’m not going to have ice cream for breakfast because that isn’t quite acceptable. So I decided to paint nails instead:


♡ I used my nail fingers to make these pictures a little clearer and quicker. So starting off, choose a background colour.. I chose a pretty neutral Pink colour because in my head it’s supposed to resemble strawberry ice cream.

♡ Pick 4 other colours which you want to resemble your ‘ice cream sauces’.. I tried to stick with pastels because they looked most realistic. Literally start with a thin brush (you don’t even have to this makes it a little easier) and do a rough outline, quite squiggly as if it were like dripping sauce. Any rough lines don’t matter you’re going to paint over them afterwards, it’s just to get a rough shape of what you’ll fill in without going overboard.


♡ Then grab the actual nail polish brush of the colour you’ve chosen and just fill in that space. Most polishes have reasonably tidy and thin brushes so it should be fine!

♡ Then comes the colourful & creative part. If you, like me have a colourful sort of mixed up nail polish i.e. Confetti by Barry M. Then that’ll make it a lot quicker.. not necessarily easier. If not you can just either pick a bunch of colours that would look like sprinkles and use a thin brush or cocktail stick (if you’re not a nail art tool hoarder like me) to make little tiny tiny streaks. If you have some different coloured nail pens, that will make life 10x easier.. but it is still possible without them.

♡ Voilaaaa, you have a set of ice cream themed nails.

I hope this made it somewhat easier… isn’t as complicated as it looks!

Until next time,


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