Lazy Blogger Nail Tips ♡

♡ So, we can all get a little lazy and tired during the week, especially being at work or college all day, it’s hard to make time to pamper yourself.

♡ Baring that in mind, I wanted to share a few little tips that could make that little extra difference, and don’t take up a huge amount of your time.


  • Electric Nail File – These battery operated ones are honestly so handy to have. I bought this a couple of weeks ago and boy am I glad I did. Using a manual file is pretty cool you control it how you want etc, but these save so much time. This one by Broadcare, comes with all the different heads (similar to a nail shop, but less powerful of course). They just save you having to do all of the work. They’re on eBay/Amazon.. around £7. Boots do one for £14.99.
  • Nail Stamping Plates – So as I was saying before, after a long week it’s hard to find time, let alone energy to do any kind of design on your nails. Stamping plates are a time saving way of making your nails, not so plain, but still keeping it simple & pretty. The stamping sets you can find in UK stores like B&M or Savers for literally £1, but they’re also available on eBay/Amazon too. You can buy the plates which have different designs on, both simple and more complex looking.. yet all you have to do is paint over the design you want, scrape it off & stamp! SIMPLES.
  • Nail Hardener – So if you’re like me, a little lazy when it comes to actually doing my own nails, having a nail hardener comes in handy. It’s not of any colour but still keeps nails looking slick and shine. The one I have is simply a £1 one (Poundland of course).
  • Special FX Coat – Using just a special effect top coat on top of a base coat would come in really handy if you want to have a pretty but simple nail look for the day but can’t be bothered to create a design. The one in the picture is Barry M’s Confetti, it reminds me of sprinkles & looks so pretty on a plain background.
  • Peel-Off Base Coat – Glitter. Glitter is the reason for this product being a part of this post. We have all had the struggle of not being able to get glitter polish off. It either acts as a permanent marker, or the cotton wool used to clean it off with gets stuck to your nails.. it can be disastrous.
  • Rapid Nail Drying Spray – I always thought this was just a lie, a tin of air, just another selling point, but I’m convinced it actually does work. These are 89p a spray, I buy mine from B&M and they save a whole load of time after you’ve painted your claws.

Hope this helped you lazy nail do’ers,

Until next time,

C x


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  1. I used to use rapid dry sprays all the time until I found the best top coat in the entire world! It’s the HK Girl top coat, it dries within literally a minute, it helps keep my polish on for at least a week without chipping & it’s super glossy! -xo

    P.s. It doesn’t go gloopy at all, mine is almost finished and it is still like new!

  2. Oooh these are some great tips! I’m not really a nail person since I feel like I’m not creative as such when it comes to nails but these are some good tips to keep in mind! x

    sami //

  3. So many great ideas here, Charlie! I had no idea that many of these products even existed, especially the rapid drying spray – at 89p you can’t complain too much, and it’s fab that it actually works!! An electric nail file sounds like a huge timesaver too!

    Abbey 👑

  4. Ooh thanks so much for all of these tips! I’ve recently started looking after my nails and have been wanting to do them up a bit more, but I never seem to have the time. That rapid nail drying spray will come handy!

  5. These are all amazing products and sound great for nails! I’ll have to look into them x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  6. I have never thought of buying the stamps. I am going to have a look and see what ones take my fancy. Brilliant post

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