Can I officially call myself a Blogger now? ♡

♡ So not so long ago, February 2016 to be precise, I made this blog, initially a free WordPress blog, and its original name being ‘BasicallyCharls’, I didn’t really have any intentions with it at that time and I posted 5 completely different posts, all in a massive space of like four weeks. I haven’t deleted them, I don’t think they were terrible but you know when you just post something because you feel the need to, rather than actually wanting to post it? It was like that. Even more unexpectedly, up until today, one of those posts is my most viewed which is shocking to me!

♡ In July 2016, I went back to it and I randomly just really got into it, I found a bunch of other bloggers and got inspiration from them. I eventually decided my blog would be a nail related blog which is where ‘NailsByCharls’ came about, and now I’ve finally stuck to a better name ‘Charlie Nailed it’ see what I did there? Has more of a pun to it I guess. Not all my posts are necessarily nail themed as you may have noticed, but I try to make a proportion of them about nails. I mean, there’s only so many nail posts to do in a week? Especially with the nail design posts, it takes up SO much time to make the pictures perfect & to do the actual nails.

♡ I hope by this time next year I’ll have much better, planned out posts and pictures (though right now I don’t think I am doing too terribly). I’m planning to do blogmas again later on this year, which I’m hoping is going to make my blog 10x better because I really want to post more regularly, coming up with original ideas for blogmas is quite a struggle though which is why I’m mentioning it now.  Only 9 months early, damn.

♡ I think I have genuinely fallen in love with blogging (cringe) but I’m on a roll with it now, and I’m gonna keep type type typing! I’m shocked people even read my blog anyway.. I am so grateful! I began it for the enjoyment, not because I thought people would care what I have to say but I’m so happy that there is a minority who enjoy my posts, it’s always warming to know. I’ve now gone self hosted which is even more motivational, I mean I’m still a little confused so if anyone has any tips send them my way!

With love, C x

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  1. Blogging is honestly one of the best things I’ve put myself into. The community is great and I’m so glad to call myself a blogger

  2. As soon as I saw the title I was so excited to read this! I literally say all the time that I don’t know if I can class myself as a blogger or not hahah! I think you’re doing absolutely fine and you should be so proud of yourself beaut, I haven’t gone self hosted yet but it’s my next step! I’m so happy for you and excited to see you progress 💛
    Clo x

  3. You keep on doing you, girl! I for one love a big mix of different content on people’s blogs, it keeps things fresh and I always tend to click to those types of blogs the most! Write about what interests you and what you feel passionate about and that will definitely come across! You can certainly call yourself a blogger!

    Abbey 😘

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