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I had some really good lighting earlier and was like damn, I have a lot of favourite things that I’ve purchased this month so why not do a blog post on them.

♡ I have to start off with my two absolute favourites of all of them. The newest watch in my collection, my lil Fossil. Since working for the company, buying watches has become a slight obsession, I’m constantly at outlets. This one is the one I wear the most though, I love it. It’s just simple, looks like a Michael Kors but isn’t so tacky & plastic looking.

♡ Next up, my second favourite of the month, the Barry M Brow Kit. I was a bit hesitant at paying £5.99 for a brow kit. If you’re like me and don’t really bother with makeup most days you’ll probably get why I never pay more than a fiver, and even that’s generous. This. Since I have owned this I genuinely don’t think I have had a bad eyebrow day. Besides the fact my brows MAJORLY need doing, this palette is unreal. I think the shade I wore before was just too light, but this one is perfect. I also treated myself to a brow brush too, a Studio London one. It’s one of Superdrug’s own branded selection of brushes and if you ask me they are so worth the price you pay. This particular brush was £2.50 and if you compare it to a Real Techniques or another majorly popular high end brush, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

♡ So I was just generally browsing around Pound Stretcher with my parents & came across their whole nail art section. I mean I know they have everything, but a whole nail art section and everything is a pound or less? I was so shocked. I bought a packet of 8 nail brushes, mainly because they were pink not going to lie. I just wanted to add them to my collection, and they’re pretty damn useful. For 50p you cannot go wrong.

♡ Yankee Candles. They’re amazing. Yes they are. Everytime I go to Ashford Designer Outlet, I have to pop in and buy me some candles. I know this is a Christmas one but if you have smelt it, I literally cannot think of anything better. Christmas cookie smelling candles was the weirdest but best smelling candle they could have made, I so cannot wait to burn this.

♡ Last but not least, of course it’s another nail product. I got this in a Barry M offer at Superdrug because I needed a better top coat for the nails that I sell as I want them as best quality as possible. Anyway, this dries in literally 60 seconds (I mean not if you dig into it, but the top layer does), it is not false advertisement like most nail polishes. I am so damn impressed. It also is a wet look one, which I think is so cool, it makes them look so glossy and shiny.

I feel like I’m talking a lot now, my thunder typing fingers are giving up on me,

With Love, C x

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  1. Loving your photography here, Charlie! These photos look fab 😍😍 I wish I had a watch collection, I have one very sorry watch that I rarely wear haha! I’m a big fan of Barry M products so I need to pick up that polish! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Abbey 🥂

  2. They’ve just shut my local Yankee candle shop :(( and this makes me so sad because the Christmas smells are just the BEST!! I want them all year round

    1. Oh believe me I can relate to having small wrists, I had 9 links out of my watch and if my wrist was any smaller they wouldn’t be able to make it any smaller so! Don’t worry I work in a watch shop & believe me there’s a watch for everyone.

    1. They’re my favourite too, I always find a bunch of things I never knew existed and end up purchasing them! & you definitely should, buy one get one half price in Superdrug right now I think! X

  3. I’ve seen Studio brushes a lot in Superdrug but have never picked one up, giving your review they sound amazing, will definetely try one! 💗

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