Typical Spring Look ♡

♡ I took some really good pictures today that I wanted to share, because they look super Spring toned & I wanted to post what I’d typically wear on a Spring day.

♡ I’m not adventurous in the spring, well any season of the year to be perfectly honest. Though I wear what’s comfy & trending usually.

My big brown trench, teddy bear kind of coat, I feel like most girls own one of these this year. I totally get why, they are SO comfortable, I wouldn’t call it Wintery because it isn’t that thick but there you go. It took me ages to find this, one that fits me and doesn’t look too overly massive. I got it in the Primark sale for £10, and it has lasted me ages, I am impressed.

♡ Recently, I decided I needed a change with my jeans. I always buy typical plain blue, high waisted skinny jeans. I was daaaazed when I walked into Stradivarius, they have so many jeans. You know when you see a pair and think damn, that is literally the shade of blue that I need in my life. They were mostly ripped jeans which is also a change from my usual. So the ones I bought are the ones you see in my everyday outfit, which I now do literally wear every single day!

♡ My top, it’s just one of those Primark haul pick ups. I love it, it’s comfy, everyday &  striped (stripes are my thing right now). It was only £6, from the latest range section.

♡ I’m so into plaid scarves, I really hope it stays a little cold, just a while longer so that I don’t have to not wear one. I feel so naked when I’m not wearing a scarf. This particular one, £4 in Primark, again I am impressed. I know not everyone wears scarves in Spring, but it’s pretty darn cold in London until about July/August.

♡ Typical Converses. Of course. These are just plain white ones with a wet look front. One of my many pairs, they’re my everyday shoes just because I can drive in them, I can walk in them (yes, I am clumsy and trip over flat surfaces constantly), I can run for buses in them, I can shop in them.. CONVERSES ARE VERSITILE OK.

♡ I had to leave my favourite until last, my little backpack. I’m pretty obsessed with cute backpacks, it’s like the key to my happiness. Backpacks and Biscuits = Charlie’s happiness. This particular one from New Look I got for my 18th & I’m 99% sure I’ve used it every day since I got it on the 8th October. 

With Love C x

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  1. Love that photo at the end with your hair flying out, you look fab! I can’t believe your coat was only a tenner from Primark, it looks like excellent quality! I have about six zillion striped shirts in my wardrobe so we have that in common haha! Fab post!

    Abbey 💓 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much Abbey! I was happy with it too ngl, Olympic park is such a pretty place to take pictures in. I’m always buying striped tops, I don’t think I’ll ever stop tbh! But thank you for your comment X

  2. Love the coat and what a bargain! This look looks so easy to wear and comfy, can totally see myself wearing something like this on a Spring day. I am also obsessed with stripey tops! Emily x


  3. I really love the last photo. It gives a “taken in the moment” effect which I think is amazing. The outfit is great. I am in love with the coat and the tee-shirt! Thanks for sharing! xx Corinne

  4. I love that coat! I have one but mines ‘smarter’ I love that your one is more casual! Also love the top, stripes are my favourite too!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

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