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♡ I think we can all agree that Instagram is probably the hardest social media to grow on, with people consistently becoming inactive, unfollowing slyly as if we can’t see it, and them following back when they noticed that we have unfollowed. I mean there is plenty of cliché tips like doing giveaways, which if you ask me if I wasn’t gaining and constantly doing giveaways, I would definitely think people were just following me purely for that reason. Giveaways every once in a while are cool, but not 10 times a month. I’m not saying my Instagram is perfect because believe me I have way more inactive followers than I do active ones, but it’s something out of my control. I just thought I would share a few tips of things I do to keep my Instagram active!


– I use my other social media platforms a lot. So Twitter for example, every couple of nights I’ll tweet my link for Instagram. Specifically at times when there are active blogger chats going on, because then it’s likely that plenty of bloggers are going to see your tweet when the accounts retweet it. Not only that, I don’t want to come across selfish and I’m ALWAYS looking for new bloggers to follow, I love pretty feeds; so I will always ask for people to share their links in return. This again, gets people actively on your page.

Regular posts, yes this sounds so obvious but it makes a huge difference. I went through a phase where I seriously lacked inspiration and I probably posted once every two weeks. This was way before I started blogging but still to this day I use that account. If I could do one thing then, that I didn’t, it would be to post at least 3-4 times a week because it really does slow down the rate that people follow to unfollow, and the amount of inactive people that pile up on your account. If you’re thinking ‘I don’t have anything to post’, it’s Spring! Spring is so pretty, take random snaps while you’re out, you never know how they might turn out.

– Leading me to my next point, themes. They honestly do not matter, in my opinion, if you have a theme eventually you’re going to run out of photos. If you just post photos that are you, make up your life & aren’t too scripted/predictable.. you won’t run out! I wouldn’t say my account has a theme, I post quotes between each picture but that’s just because positivity is important, but the actual pictures I post are pretty random.

Relevant hashtags. Yes they do work. I agree they look really annoying but what I do is post a normal caption, and then comment the hashtags below it. If you get fed up of seeing them there, you can always delete it easily. Most times, posting at the right time of day… 30 likes in a minute or two is the average I would get. If you’d like to know what hashtags I use you can DM me on Twitter, I won’t put them in this post because it’ll look messy, sorry OCD over here.

Collaborations are cool. For example me, I’m a nail art account mostly, so things like mani swaps are popular and relevant to those kind of accounts (for those who don’t know a mani swap is basically a recreation of someone’s design, so I would send someone mine & vice versa, recreating each other’s) but in relevance to bloggers, pick a topic.. for example ‘favourite products right now’, tag each other and mention it in the caption it was a little favourites swap. Then you’ve got an indirect shoutout to a bunch of new people & there’s another pretty picture on your feed.

Shoutouts using annoying pictures are a no from me. ‘SFS’, is rather irritating to followers unless you’re some sort of gain party account & that is what people follow you for. Personally me, I don’t think they work posting continuous shoutout pictures because I feel like that trend has passed, and if anything it makes you lose followers as people don’t want that on their timeline.

– Sitting on a train, waiting for a lecture.. if you’re on a journey or waiting for something, sit and scroll through your explore page, you never know what pretty blogger accounts you’ll find. Even just scrolling through and liking random pictures, that brings more traffic to your page.

– This one is important, use your own photos! Having a few pictures that aren’t yours and a few that are, people will never really know what’s real & what isn’t. Make your Instagram about you! Authenticity is needed on Instagram imo.

– Not sure if anybody else does this, but I find it handy. If you follow anybody who has lots of followers & is an account relevant to you, have a look on their followers list for more inspiration and prettiness for your feed, I usually just have a scroll through and find a bunch of new bloggers in their followers list to follow myself.

These are all the tips I follow, hope they help you out because Instagram isn’t the easiest of social medias.

Until next time, C x

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  1. These are really great non-generic tips, Charlie! I hadn’t thought of collaborating for Instagram but it’s a great idea! Weirdly I find that if I post my photos at like 6-7am, I get soooo many more likes! It’s strange! I need to up my hashtag game as well! Thank you for sharing!

    Abbey 🦋

  2. These tips are seriously perfect for Instagram! I’m not sure how, but I honestly never thought to look for inspiration through other accounts similar to mine! 🙈 Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ll definitely be following your tips as growing on Instagram is really hard but I love sharing my photos on there! X


  4. Hi Charlie,
    Thanks so much for sharing – actually always love reading about other people’s Instagram tips. I run a website that features all influencer-focused content, so it’s a space I definitely love chatting and reading about!

  5. This is helpful, I completely agree on posting pretty much daily on Insta. IT makes a huge difference. I gain at least 10 followers a day just if I post a new photo. Hashtags are also very crucial. I try to remain with themes, because that’s just my preference, also I do once in a while post photos that are not my own, for example Inspo from Pinterest or quotes… I try to keep most of my content as mine, but once in a while I post things that may not be mine. I think as long as you don’t go overboard and that you mark in caption that it’s not yours, then there’s no issue!

  6. Great post! It’s definitely a hard one these days! Especially with the “algorithm” in play now! I’m a nail art account on there, and it’s quite hard for sure! Finding key times is also a big help!

  7. great post. I’m just starting my instagram journey and I’m not keen on having a theme in terms or colour etc. I mainly focus on Travel, Disney and Book Reviews. So if I was to decided my theme was “Pink” I’d be very limited!

    Instead I’m trying to keep to consistent filters and include quotes in black and white (similar to yourself weirdly enough) every few days.

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

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