Chokers: How I Style Them?

When Chokers first became a thing, I didn’t instantly jump onto the trend. However, it did become one of those things that was just itching at me, to at least see if they suited me or not.

Olivia from Olivia’s Sales recently sent me some really pretty chokers from her handmade collection, and they are SO lovely. You know when something so simple, is just so beautiful? Yes, that is a representation of each of her chokers. So I thought I’d show you some different ones, and explain how I would style each of them.

First up, I have the ‘Alisha Black’, this is by far the most comfy. No words can tell you how soft and stretchy this material actually is once you’re wearing it. It’s kind of like you forget it’s there, which is how I think any jewellery should be because that’s what makes it so nice/comfortable to wear. I would wear this one probably on a more casual day, so if I’m wearing some jeans and a low cut top. As I have SUCH a long neck, wearing a choker with a lower cut top really helps me feel a little better!

10.5 inches & adjustable | only £2.75 | Also comes in White!

The second one I have is the ‘Pearly Tan’, you’ll see a trend here with the Beige, but I just love Nude colours that go with everything, but they do obviously come in other colours. This one in my opinion, is a little more dressed up. I love the suede feel, it’d be lovely to wear on an evening dinner/occasion with a dress. Even just with a really pretty top. Something about this choker just makes it my favourite, it’s so simple yet looks amazing.

11 inches & adjustable | only £2.75 | Also comes in Black!

The last one is ‘Tube Beige’, again, back at it with the Beige colour. I love the gold minor detailing on this one because it just makes it stand out that little bit more. It makes it look more than just your average choker, see where I’m coming from here? I’m most likely to style this one with a shirt dress or long oversized jumper, because it’ll ‘pimp’ up any outfit that looks too casual to how you want it to be. Wow, I actually just used the word pimp, yes.

11 inches & adjustable | only £2.75 | Also comes in Black with Gold

Which of these was your favourite? Leave me a comment below.

If you wanted to see any other styles, there are SO many lovely ones to choose from… you’ll find them at

A bundle of other pretty styles available!

You can also use the code ‘Charlie10‘ to get 10% off, how can you resist?!

Until next time,

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  1. I love all of these! I kinda stopped wearing them because I didn’t know what to put them with and so on. I really like the first lace one, it’s beautiful!

    Rosie Mauu xx

  2. I’ve always wanted choker but never got one as was unsure how to style them. This post is so cute think I might have to go grab a few and give them a go. The ‘Tube Beige’ is my favourite x

  3. I love the last one! I like chokers that are neutral colored and could be paired with anything! I love the looks of all these, I just feel like I can’t pull them off for some reason haha. But you definitely do! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You look great in a choker! You’ve styled them really well.
    I have tried them before but don’t really like the feeling of them on my neck. Okay for occasions though.

  5. Oooh these all look really lovely and suit you really well. I have bought loads of chokers off an online site and they were so so cheap! love them x

  6. I absolutely love the first choker as I definetely prefer darker colours and you’ve styled them all beautifully x

  7. I love the Tube Beige one, it’s simple yet, stylish which is exactly what I’m into these days. I didn’t jump right into the trend either. For me, I feel like it takes a while for things to grow on me. I’ve never been one to just like something because of everyone else does. Yay to having individuality!

  8. Chockers are my favourite accessory rn! For definate! Love how they look on you. Great post loves. Over from xo

  9. What a gorgeous selection, Charlie! Lucky you to get to try these out! I was also not sure about the choker trend when it first began but I’m a convert now! I own one from New Look and I love it! Thanks for sharing, I especially like the Alisha black lacy one!

    Abbey 😍

  10. I love how you’ve styled these! I’ve picked up loads but never really worn them because i’m a tad unsure. This has given me so much inspiration!

  11. I love how simple, chic and affordable these are! My favorite is the “Tube Beige”. It’s the perfect piece to “pimp” any outfit! LOL. But in all seriousness, these are all so lovely and I love that she hand makes every one of them.


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