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As a beginner blogger I was always worried about not having the latest trends, the latest blog props & everything like that. Thinking I had to follow trends just to make my blog worth reading/seeing. I admit I had followed some of the trends, but that was because I genuinely wanted to and not because I thought I needed to fit in.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite places to buy blogger props and cheeky little décor bits for your rooms or blogger spaces. I’ve been shopping around lately and got quite a few bargains.


Beginning with what is made out to be probably the most important thing in a blog post, the background of your pictures. I have about 3-4 different backgrounds I use. The first background I have is a tile that was in the B&Q sale, it was 10p. TEN PENCE. It’s about A3 size so it’s definitely a sufficient size for putting products on and taking pictures. It’s the marble, sort of cappuccino coloured background you see in my previous posts.

The second background I have is the marble ones which I recently bought & you’ll see images of below as I used it for the pictures related to this post. Marble is such a big thing recently, I mean I get why, it looks amazing as a background! These are in Primark’s latest home range and you get 4 placemats for £2, they’re A4 size, so again, good for taking pictures of products on.

I then have this sort of wooden placemat, but it’s got a kind of weaved/netted effect (literally don’t know what to call it but I love it), it’s from Ikea I believe, I bought it about a year ago though. I mainly use this in my nail posts as nail polish bottles contrast to it so much and it makes the pictures so clear.

I’m not saying you won’t find these kind of things in other shops, these are just where I’ve found mine. Browse about on Amazon I’m sure there will be plenty to choose from. Even when I’m taking my nail pictures, I’ll use the pretty green bush in my garden as a background & the lighting contrast is amazing (FREE BLOG BACKGROUND!!)


I just want to begin with what I believe is the best place to get them from, small online blogger shops. They’re super underrated & deserve so much more recognition for the products they create for us bloggers. So here’s a little shout out to some of my favourites to get stationary from (that look SO pretty in pictures): – for prints, stationary & even sweatshirts. – for quirky blog planners, stationary & fancy prints. – for quirky blog planners, stationary & fancy prints. – for pretty gifts, bedroom décor & all those pretty little things.

They’re great places to find quirky little items that not everybody has.

Moving onto high street shops that I’ve always found my blogger bits in. My number one fave right now is Typo, now as far as I know the only actual stores in the UK are in London Stratford Westfield. But ordering online is just as fun, they have more offers. They are a little on the pricey side so depending on what you’re buying you might find it so much cheaper elsewhere. For example, their cinematic light boxes A6 size are £25, just for A6. In B&M/Home Bargains (a popular UK store) you can find them for £7.99 forA4 which is where I bought mine. So you should probably compare if what you’re paying for is the best value!

My next favourite shop is well obviously, Primark home section. I’m always finding little candles, wall hanging bits, cactuses & weird little quirky stuff for just a couple of pounds each. Most of the time they have sales on their home stuff too so keep a look out. Like here, I found fairy lights for £1.50 & I mean come on, just for the sake of me using them in pictures, what a bargain! They also come in Blue & Pink, but I was sticking with the clear normal colour.

Then there is the slightly underrated UK store Wilkos. Well, actually called Wilkinson but I’m pretty sure nobody would recognise it as that. They have the cheapest stationary & desk décor. How can you not have a cheeky look online. They don’t have as much quirk as some of the specific blogger online shops but they sure do have amazing quality bits for your room.

Tiger, originally a Dutch shop I believe. These are everywhere in the UK now and they’ve become so popular. They genuinely have anything a blogger needs. Desk pads, desk plants, notepads, filing storage, make-up storage, pretty cushions, pretty placemats, the list honestly goes on.. their prices are so reasonable too.

These are all the shops I make my blog purchases in, what about you?

With love,

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  1. I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing buying a few items at tj max when I travel to the US next week but I wasn’t sure what to get. That marble is a great idea I love how it looks and I don’t really have any white in my house anyway.

  2. Typo sounds like a fantastic store, I wish there was one near me! One of my favourite places to buy props is B&M Bargains, and I often find quite a lot of nice stuff in Tiger as well! The Primark near to me is so tiny and the home selection is rubbish, I can’t wait to move to Leicester in October where there will be more options!

    Abbey 😘

  3. Great post! I love background wallpapers, it’s been the most useful secret I discovered for my photos! I bought a marble one off Amazon and stuck it to the back of a posterboard, works great! Also love fairy lights for my photos!

  4. That’s a very informative post ! I’ve started to invest in props only very recently, and I’m already starting to have so many ideas for my pictures ! Thank you for this it’s very helpful 😊💜

  5. This is such a useful post! I only really do fashion posts so don’t need to buy props but will definitely bookmark this post in case I start doing other posts again 🙂 x

  6. This is such a great post for prop inspo! I love Primark’s cheap bits and bobs, and I’ve been meaning to look in my local Tiger for absolutely ages. I also love IKEA for stationery, candles, little ornaments and fake flowers.
    Juliet |

  7. This is SO USEFUL, thank you so much! I always go into Wilko for food and then the stationery catches my eye but I am definitely going to have a proper look! Also Primark and Tiger are so good for homeware just a bit difficult for me to get to 🙁 xo

  8. I found my first Tiger a few weeks ago and I’m OBSESSED!I LOVE the nail look in the first photo, I used to try that but the tape I used was so bad it’d just wreck the whole thing, you have such a talent with your nail art!

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