Ideal Summer Morning Routine

If you ever asked me what my ideal kind of morning would be. This is it, the fact I experienced some of it for a day or two was a lot of fun.

Unlike most people my age, I am a morning person. I love waking up knowing I haven’t wasted the day, time schedules set to get things done. I’d usually spend the afternoon out after having a productive morning in (blogging, working on personal projects etc). These mornings include watching Jeremy Kyle, I have to admit. I try to spend as least time as possible after waking up, laying on my phone because we all know how fast time is wasted doing that.

One thing I do want that I can’t do now? It’d be nice to wake up, knowing I don’t have to work in retail. Being able to wake up, to the beach at my doorstep and going for long old morning strolls. Walks on the beach, just walking and talking for a couple of hours watching the world go by is literally my FAVE thing. Probably topped off with McDonald’s pancakes & an egg McMuffin. Even if I’m slightly tired, I still would force myself to get up, just because I know it would be so relaxing. It would give me a chance for a cheeky bit of sunset photography too.

One thing I never get in the morning, is a proper breakfast. I’m obviously not going to go to McDonalds everyday, incredibly unhealthy. It’d be amazing to actually get time to make a proper breakfast for me and my other half. It’s the little things that count and all of that jazz!

A little unrealistic, but imagine having a magic beverage fairy that would bring you tea to your bedside table every morning. Okay Charlie, back to reality please.

To speed up my getting ready process, I would love to have a wardrobe of clothes, of which I wear ALL of the things inside it. Right now I wear about 9 items out of 50 I own, it’s shocking. Imagine not having the stress of not knowing what to wear, ah just the thought of it is too good.

I wish I had the time & patience to change my nail colour each day to perfectly match my outfit, ambitious but still possible.

What’s your ideal morning routine?

With Love,

C x

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  1. Such a great post idea! I’m a morning person too but never get the breakfast I wish I had time to make! I’d LOVE to be woken up with a cuppa coffee at my side! I also wish someone would put my clothes together and plan what I’m going to wear for the day instead of spending 10 minutes of my morning deciding if things go together! Great post lovely! X

  2. I’d love to have a proper breakfast every day too, and actually just get straight up instead of looking at my phone for like half an hour while I lounge around in bed haha!

    Carla x

  3. Second photo is beautiful!
    I am both a morning and night person. Fortunately, I don’t need much sleep so I like to get up early and not waste my day. I do everything I need in the morning or early afternoon and then I have the entire evening to do whatever as I go to sleep very late.
    anyway, nice post 😀

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