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18 goals for 2018

I’ll make these realistic, I promise. Everyone usually wants to eat healthy, work out, read more and generally avoid procrastinating about life. Of course, that’d be ideal for me, though I doubt they’ll happen this year!

1 • A typical new year goal, but I really want to find something that I’m genuinely good at, I’ll enjoy and of course will pay well (because hey, I need a life!). College this year didn’t exactly go as I planned it and it wasn’t something I enjoyed but here’s to a little more positivity in 2018

2 • Change my look; I need to have a change of hair this year, my split ends and the colour are more than dying! I like the look of grey/ashy brown so expect a new hair do on the instagram feed soon! I also want to try and dress a bit classier. Don’t get me wrong, I do not look like a tramp now, I just need a smidgin’ bit more class when It actually comes to going out somewhere nice. Got a boyfriend to impress and my hoodies just aren’t working!

3 • Find some more photogenic yet adventurous places; I love walking, talking and taking photos of everything. So as weird as it sounds, I’d love to find some new places I didn’t even know existed, not just in London where I live, but the UK in general.

4 • Something I struggle sticking with, is a routine skincare schedule. I’m terrible. I always seem to have weird work hours meaning I’m not home in the evening, I fall asleep or just get distracted until I’m too tired to move and the whole routine goes out of the window. My favourite skincare bits to use are mainly from the body shop (I got stocked up in the Christmas sales) so I’ve organised them in my room in a way I’ll always be looking at them and I NEED to overcome my lazy habit of not using them when I need to.

5 • Finish my scrapbooks; I began a scrapbook of my life of nearly 20 years (putting these in some sort of order is proving a challenge!) and also one of me and my partner, nearly a quarter of my life in pictures… so two scrapbooks? I will complete them in 2018! One of them is already well underway.

6 • I use TOO many emojis! Please Charlie, if i could just avoid using them in each individual text I send. They are SO extra and it makes reading back my texts so irritating.

7 • Sustain my blog purpose; I love doing nails, they’re my favourite hence my name. I want to get my photography game SO much higher this year. I’m pretty much obsessed with taking off guard photos when I’m somewhere scenic, I just need to work on my flat-lays, and adjust to the terrible lighting which is ‘natural light’.

8 • Decorate my room, myself. Yes, random one I know. In February, I plan to paint my room exactly how I want it, so I have the perfect sleeping, lazy day and blogging spot. All white walls, gold accessories and a hint of pastel is my goal!

9 • Begin selling things that I CREATE. I’m always making sets of nails, pretty quotes in frames & logo designs.. so I hope this year I can make use of my time and maybe get a little business going with it. Making money from them doesn’t bother me, but if I’m able to make things I love and others do too, then I’m happy!

10 • Improve my makeup skills; I have never been one to wear lots of makeup, but lately I am SO into it (though of course, this doesn’t mean I’m automatically good at it) so I’d love to be able to wing that eyeliner and make my eyeshadow blend to perfection.

11 • Meet up with a few blogger pals; I met some lovely people at a blogger event last year. And cliche, but I’d love to find someone to go to coffee shops with, find photogenic buildings around my area, London. Just take some amazing photos! Like having your own personal photographer but also someone with the same interests as you right?

12 • Buy myself a new car; in the coming months I really want to treat myself to a new car (not brand spanking new, ain’t nobody affording that yet!) but a much newer one than what I own. One with up to date functions, literally like cruise control, automatic lights etc, my old little thing doesn’t have all of these, just about has electric windows! So yes, I will this year buy myself a new fiesta (cliche car for someone my age, but practical)

13 • Find myself a new job, in relation to number 1 I guess. I currently work in retail which as many people can relate… gains you lots of people/general life skills, but it isn’t somewhere you want to stay forever. I quite like Science, but finding something I enjoy related to that is proving a drama. I love anything social media related too, so a media related job is looking good for me!

14 • Resist spending; this year, I need to differentiate the difference between a want and a need. 2017 was the year of way too much spending. More money coming out of my bank than in, that’s definitely not the way to live.

15 • I just spoke about not spending, however, one thing I do need to get myself is some good ol’ cookbooks! I do not cook enough, I’m the laziest person going so I really need to have some every day food recipes I can whip up. I’m also extremely slim, so this will help me sort my diet out and put on some weight.

16 • Actually start completing to-do lists I create for the day. I am SO easily distracted it’s unreal. If I have 7 things on my to do’s that day. Let me tell you, maximum 3 of those will get done. I’m terrible, I know.

17 • Continue growing my hair; I really want to donate my hair to a cancer charity where they can make wigs for children. Something I see many people do, and definitely something I would love to do. Though my hair grows extremely slowly, I will do one day. So far, I’ve grown my hair for around a year and a half, it isn’t quite there yet and even if it doesn’t reach long enough this year, it will always be on my bucket list.

18 • Last but not least, as a nail blogger, I want to keep my nails in tact for as many days out of 365 as I can. Painting your nails is just one of those things where you tell yourself ‘yes, I’ll do that when I’m dressed and ready tomorrow!’ or ‘I’ll do that the night before’, does it get done? Nope, usually not. I’ll try and make that happen this year because nothing makes you feel sassier than freshly painted nails & winged eyeliner right?

With love,

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  • Reply Talia Peace

    Ah i hope allyour goals go to plan ! Talia xx

    January 18, 2018 at 9:36 pm
  • Reply Erika

    You’ve got a great set of goals. I hope you can accomplish all of them.

    January 29, 2018 at 7:14 pm
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