Bargain Nail Supplies 

I’ve been in the whole nail art bubble for a while now and for people who are interested in nails, just painting them or even wearing your own designs.. I thought I would let you in on a few little bargains and where to find them when it comes to saving money on nail products. 

Nail Brushes
– They’re probably a good place to start, because chances are, any design done on nails that isn’t plain, will need one or two brushes to get it closer to perfection. You’ll find nail brushes in hundreds of places on the internet, but me personally I like to actually see them first. No doubt, the ones you order on eBay from China are actually much better than would be expected because Nail supplies are one thing you can rely on eBay for! However, I find my best brushes in shops such as Poundland, Home Bargains, B&M and also, Poundstretcher. The ones I am currently using are from Poundstretcher, and I love them! £1, you cannot go wrong.

Polishes for a pound – On the topic of Poundland, most branches, have a huge range of drugstore  branded nail polishes available. Barry M, Revlon, NYC (my personal favourite, is their Gel range) and Rimmel. All amazing quality ones too, that’s coming from someone who owns all of those polishes. All for £1 a bottle instead of the £4 you pay for them usually, and £7 in the case of Revlon. Also, if you are quite an early morning person, boot sales. Go visit your local bootsale/market in the mornings, you would be absolutely surprised the amount of bargain polishes you find there. I’m happy to say, apart from maybe 10/150 of my polishes, I have never paid full price for a bottle, so it’s a great way to save. There is a man at my local who sells them all! Sally Hansen, Barry M, OPI, the lot! So definitely something to look into. 

Nail Wheel Bundles – This is where eBay comes in super handy. For practicing and for nail artists just starting out, nail wheels are a great place to begin. I always used them when I first started getting into it, and they turned out to be really useful (and pretty photogenic once fully painted, for IG of course). I order them from China, yes you do have to wait a couple of weeks, but it’s great when you’ve actually saved yourself a fiver. I pay about £1.20 for 15 nail wheels. Each have 18 nails on them, that is 270 designs!! Great way to get practicing before making sets. Quick little tip, what I do, is paint them in themes because the outcome afterwards looks great. I have a Disney, Colourblock & Geometric nail wheels as my current favourites.

Cheeky lil’ Charms – Everyone knows, adding a little sparkle or 3D effect to nails can make them look that whole lot better looking, so where can nail charms be bought without getting ripped off? Small businesses is your answer to that. My favourite place for little charms that aren’t tacky is ‘Charlie’s Nail Art‘ and no, that isn’t my site, it’s a fellow Charlie doing what she does best! Lots of little bargains over there you should definitely have a look at. 

A little bit of Sparkle – Not to forget, sites like Depop, you’ll find other small businesses which don’t necessarily have a website but are still great. I find it is useful for glitter pots which give your nails that seriously sassy look. 

Need to know where to buy anymore nail supplies? Drop me a question, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a recommendation!

With Love,

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First Blogger Event: Favourite Moments & Thoughts!

On the 29th April, so a couple of weeks ago now, I went to my FIRST EVER bloggers event & yes it was SO much fun! Of course the build up to it was full of excitement but then there was also the small part of my brain going “what if the people you’re going with already know each other, you’ll be a loner in the corner” or “what if I don’t know the persons name, I can’t call them by their Twitter or Instagram handle!” These were my genuine thoughts, I had no idea what to expect really except for a bundle of really excited bloggers. It was the ‘Bloggers Who Brunch’ Launch planned by Kirby Small, who may I add is so so lovely in real life & she did an amazing job!

It was in Central London which for me is beyond convenient, I could probably see my house from the pretty terrace that the penthouse had if I looked enough. I met up with a bunch of the girls before & I definitely feel like we all made each other feel a lot more comfortable. It was a first event for quite a few of us, but during the event I felt like I knew these girls to be honest!

I was one of the very few who was there only with a phone to take photos.. I felt SO left out of the whole Olympus Pen & DSLR thing people had going on, but that didn’t stop me.. I still got a few cute pictures. Overall, the day was full of good people, lots of popcorn & a whole load of laughter and picture taking. It was quite a small compact event, but it’s good that way because I feel like you get to talk to everyone. Plus, it must have been a little scary for Katy & Katherine to do their workshops about YouTube & Photography in front of 60 people, never mind 100! So that was a really good part of it too, especially for someone like me who is useless with photography.

It was a really cute day, and I can’t wait to go to another event..

What was your first event & how was it?!

With Love,

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Blog Decor – Where to buy props & pretty little things!

As a beginner blogger I was always worried about not having the latest trends, the latest blog props & everything like that. Thinking I had to follow trends just to make my blog worth reading/seeing. I admit I had followed some of the trends, but that was because I genuinely wanted to and not because I thought I needed to fit in.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite places to buy blogger props and cheeky little décor bits for your rooms or blogger spaces. I’ve been shopping around lately and got quite a few bargains.


Beginning with what is made out to be probably the most important thing in a blog post, the background of your pictures. I have about 3-4 different backgrounds I use. The first background I have is a tile that was in the B&Q sale, it was 10p. TEN PENCE. It’s about A3 size so it’s definitely a sufficient size for putting products on and taking pictures. It’s the marble, sort of cappuccino coloured background you see in my previous posts.

The second background I have is the marble ones which I recently bought & you’ll see images of below as I used it for the pictures related to this post. Marble is such a big thing recently, I mean I get why, it looks amazing as a background! These are in Primark’s latest home range and you get 4 placemats for £2, they’re A4 size, so again, good for taking pictures of products on.

I then have this sort of wooden placemat, but it’s got a kind of weaved/netted effect (literally don’t know what to call it but I love it), it’s from Ikea I believe, I bought it about a year ago though. I mainly use this in my nail posts as nail polish bottles contrast to it so much and it makes the pictures so clear.

I’m not saying you won’t find these kind of things in other shops, these are just where I’ve found mine. Browse about on Amazon I’m sure there will be plenty to choose from. Even when I’m taking my nail pictures, I’ll use the pretty green bush in my garden as a background & the lighting contrast is amazing (FREE BLOG BACKGROUND!!)


I just want to begin with what I believe is the best place to get them from, small online blogger shops. They’re super underrated & deserve so much more recognition for the products they create for us bloggers. So here’s a little shout out to some of my favourites to get stationary from (that look SO pretty in pictures): – for prints, stationary & even sweatshirts. – for quirky blog planners, stationary & fancy prints. – for quirky blog planners, stationary & fancy prints. – for pretty gifts, bedroom décor & all those pretty little things.

They’re great places to find quirky little items that not everybody has.

Moving onto high street shops that I’ve always found my blogger bits in. My number one fave right now is Typo, now as far as I know the only actual stores in the UK are in London Stratford Westfield. But ordering online is just as fun, they have more offers. They are a little on the pricey side so depending on what you’re buying you might find it so much cheaper elsewhere. For example, their cinematic light boxes A6 size are £25, just for A6. In B&M/Home Bargains (a popular UK store) you can find them for £7.99 forA4 which is where I bought mine. So you should probably compare if what you’re paying for is the best value!

My next favourite shop is well obviously, Primark home section. I’m always finding little candles, wall hanging bits, cactuses & weird little quirky stuff for just a couple of pounds each. Most of the time they have sales on their home stuff too so keep a look out. Like here, I found fairy lights for £1.50 & I mean come on, just for the sake of me using them in pictures, what a bargain! They also come in Blue & Pink, but I was sticking with the clear normal colour.

Then there is the slightly underrated UK store Wilkos. Well, actually called Wilkinson but I’m pretty sure nobody would recognise it as that. They have the cheapest stationary & desk décor. How can you not have a cheeky look online. They don’t have as much quirk as some of the specific blogger online shops but they sure do have amazing quality bits for your room.

Tiger, originally a Dutch shop I believe. These are everywhere in the UK now and they’ve become so popular. They genuinely have anything a blogger needs. Desk pads, desk plants, notepads, filing storage, make-up storage, pretty cushions, pretty placemats, the list honestly goes on.. their prices are so reasonable too.

These are all the shops I make my blog purchases in, what about you?

With love,

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Chokers: How I Style Them?

When Chokers first became a thing, I didn’t instantly jump onto the trend. However, it did become one of those things that was just itching at me, to at least see if they suited me or not.

Olivia from Olivia’s Sales recently sent me some really pretty chokers from her handmade collection, and they are SO lovely. You know when something so simple, is just so beautiful? Yes, that is a representation of each of her chokers. So I thought I’d show you some different ones, and explain how I would style each of them.

First up, I have the ‘Alisha Black’, this is by far the most comfy. No words can tell you how soft and stretchy this material actually is once you’re wearing it. It’s kind of like you forget it’s there, which is how I think any jewellery should be because that’s what makes it so nice/comfortable to wear. I would wear this one probably on a more casual day, so if I’m wearing some jeans and a low cut top. As I have SUCH a long neck, wearing a choker with a lower cut top really helps me feel a little better!

10.5 inches & adjustable | only £2.75 | Also comes in White!

The second one I have is the ‘Pearly Tan’, you’ll see a trend here with the Beige, but I just love Nude colours that go with everything, but they do obviously come in other colours. This one in my opinion, is a little more dressed up. I love the suede feel, it’d be lovely to wear on an evening dinner/occasion with a dress. Even just with a really pretty top. Something about this choker just makes it my favourite, it’s so simple yet looks amazing.

11 inches & adjustable | only £2.75 | Also comes in Black!

The last one is ‘Tube Beige’, again, back at it with the Beige colour. I love the gold minor detailing on this one because it just makes it stand out that little bit more. It makes it look more than just your average choker, see where I’m coming from here? I’m most likely to style this one with a shirt dress or long oversized jumper, because it’ll ‘pimp’ up any outfit that looks too casual to how you want it to be. Wow, I actually just used the word pimp, yes.

11 inches & adjustable | only £2.75 | Also comes in Black with Gold

Which of these was your favourite? Leave me a comment below.

If you wanted to see any other styles, there are SO many lovely ones to choose from… you’ll find them at

A bundle of other pretty styles available!

You can also use the code ‘Charlie10‘ to get 10% off, how can you resist?!

Until next time,

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What Motivates Me?

When someone asks me the question ‘what motivates you?’, it’s not something I can ever actually answer on the spot. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been jotting down all the little things that have motivated me to be more creative, get out of my comfort zone a little more and just generally procrastinate less. The biggest thought I have about everything is ‘what if it doesn’t work out?’ even about the smallest things.

So what actually motivates me?

Complements: such a minor aspect of life and relationships with people, but the littlest complement motivates be to keep doing whatever I’m doing, and do it even better. For example, posting content I’m not sure about and somebody commenting to say it helped them/they loved it, or something as small as walking into work/college and my outfit being complemented. That pretty much makes my day.

My boyfriend: Let me not be cheesy here, but having someone that supports you in whatever you choose to do, it’s a pretty good feeling. I mean lets be honest, a lot of my time revolves around nails and fashion/lifestyle blogging, something which doesn’t interest him in the slightest really, but whenever I’m feeling demotivated, he’s always there to keep me up so I don’t feel down or doubt myself. It genuinely does make me a stronger and more motivated person.

Small new products: Such a silly obsession of mine but buying new stationary. I can’t even explain how much this motivates me. New notebook? I’ll jot down a bunch of blog ideas, on the spot (not something I can usually do). New desk? I’ll be type type typing posts all day sitting at it. New nail polish? I’ll recreate a bunch of designs for my website using it. All the little things that encourage me that little bit more.

Spontaneous picture taking: If I’m out just going for a walk, going somewhere I haven’t been before or for a while, anywhere out of the norm in my life. I always take pictures of random things. For some reason, those random pictures always have a follow on effect that triggers a blog post idea. It’s weird how just being in a new scenery can do that.

To do lists: I write my next day to-do list each night, and it motivates me because I know that I have to do it. Rather than just thinking it the day before and telling myself ‘oh you should do that if you get the time’, no. Having a list actually makes me do it, because I’m really forgetful otherwise.

Putting time into something I’m actually enjoying: This is specific to blogging unlike the other reasons I’ve mentioned. Blogging is just such a positive and happy thing to do with my time, and I’m glad I put so much effort into it.

Positive quotes: Ever see a quote/message and think damn, I need to do that/be like that. I do all the time. Sometimes quotes can be the most motivational push that you need, all because of a bunch of words that are put together to make you feel positive.

Have a lovely week,

With Love C x

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Instagram: Growth, Followers & Tips ♡

♡ I think we can all agree that Instagram is probably the hardest social media to grow on, with people consistently becoming inactive, unfollowing slyly as if we can’t see it, and them following back when they noticed that we have unfollowed. I mean there is plenty of cliché tips like doing giveaways, which if you ask me if I wasn’t gaining and constantly doing giveaways, I would definitely think people were just following me purely for that reason. Giveaways every once in a while are cool, but not 10 times a month. I’m not saying my Instagram is perfect because believe me I have way more inactive followers than I do active ones, but it’s something out of my control. I just thought I would share a few tips of things I do to keep my Instagram active!


– I use my other social media platforms a lot. So Twitter for example, every couple of nights I’ll tweet my link for Instagram. Specifically at times when there are active blogger chats going on, because then it’s likely that plenty of bloggers are going to see your tweet when the accounts retweet it. Not only that, I don’t want to come across selfish and I’m ALWAYS looking for new bloggers to follow, I love pretty feeds; so I will always ask for people to share their links in return. This again, gets people actively on your page.

Regular posts, yes this sounds so obvious but it makes a huge difference. I went through a phase where I seriously lacked inspiration and I probably posted once every two weeks. This was way before I started blogging but still to this day I use that account. If I could do one thing then, that I didn’t, it would be to post at least 3-4 times a week because it really does slow down the rate that people follow to unfollow, and the amount of inactive people that pile up on your account. If you’re thinking ‘I don’t have anything to post’, it’s Spring! Spring is so pretty, take random snaps while you’re out, you never know how they might turn out.

– Leading me to my next point, themes. They honestly do not matter, in my opinion, if you have a theme eventually you’re going to run out of photos. If you just post photos that are you, make up your life & aren’t too scripted/predictable.. you won’t run out! I wouldn’t say my account has a theme, I post quotes between each picture but that’s just because positivity is important, but the actual pictures I post are pretty random.

Relevant hashtags. Yes they do work. I agree they look really annoying but what I do is post a normal caption, and then comment the hashtags below it. If you get fed up of seeing them there, you can always delete it easily. Most times, posting at the right time of day… 30 likes in a minute or two is the average I would get. If you’d like to know what hashtags I use you can DM me on Twitter, I won’t put them in this post because it’ll look messy, sorry OCD over here.

Collaborations are cool. For example me, I’m a nail art account mostly, so things like mani swaps are popular and relevant to those kind of accounts (for those who don’t know a mani swap is basically a recreation of someone’s design, so I would send someone mine & vice versa, recreating each other’s) but in relevance to bloggers, pick a topic.. for example ‘favourite products right now’, tag each other and mention it in the caption it was a little favourites swap. Then you’ve got an indirect shoutout to a bunch of new people & there’s another pretty picture on your feed.

Shoutouts using annoying pictures are a no from me. ‘SFS’, is rather irritating to followers unless you’re some sort of gain party account & that is what people follow you for. Personally me, I don’t think they work posting continuous shoutout pictures because I feel like that trend has passed, and if anything it makes you lose followers as people don’t want that on their timeline.

– Sitting on a train, waiting for a lecture.. if you’re on a journey or waiting for something, sit and scroll through your explore page, you never know what pretty blogger accounts you’ll find. Even just scrolling through and liking random pictures, that brings more traffic to your page.

– This one is important, use your own photos! Having a few pictures that aren’t yours and a few that are, people will never really know what’s real & what isn’t. Make your Instagram about you! Authenticity is needed on Instagram imo.

– Not sure if anybody else does this, but I find it handy. If you follow anybody who has lots of followers & is an account relevant to you, have a look on their followers list for more inspiration and prettiness for your feed, I usually just have a scroll through and find a bunch of new bloggers in their followers list to follow myself.

These are all the tips I follow, hope they help you out because Instagram isn’t the easiest of social medias.

Until next time, C x

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Typical Spring Look ♡

♡ I took some really good pictures today that I wanted to share, because they look super Spring toned & I wanted to post what I’d typically wear on a Spring day.

♡ I’m not adventurous in the spring, well any season of the year to be perfectly honest. Though I wear what’s comfy & trending usually.

My big brown trench, teddy bear kind of coat, I feel like most girls own one of these this year. I totally get why, they are SO comfortable, I wouldn’t call it Wintery because it isn’t that thick but there you go. It took me ages to find this, one that fits me and doesn’t look too overly massive. I got it in the Primark sale for £10, and it has lasted me ages, I am impressed.

♡ Recently, I decided I needed a change with my jeans. I always buy typical plain blue, high waisted skinny jeans. I was daaaazed when I walked into Stradivarius, they have so many jeans. You know when you see a pair and think damn, that is literally the shade of blue that I need in my life. They were mostly ripped jeans which is also a change from my usual. So the ones I bought are the ones you see in my everyday outfit, which I now do literally wear every single day!

♡ My top, it’s just one of those Primark haul pick ups. I love it, it’s comfy, everyday &  striped (stripes are my thing right now). It was only £6, from the latest range section.

♡ I’m so into plaid scarves, I really hope it stays a little cold, just a while longer so that I don’t have to not wear one. I feel so naked when I’m not wearing a scarf. This particular one, £4 in Primark, again I am impressed. I know not everyone wears scarves in Spring, but it’s pretty darn cold in London until about July/August.

♡ Typical Converses. Of course. These are just plain white ones with a wet look front. One of my many pairs, they’re my everyday shoes just because I can drive in them, I can walk in them (yes, I am clumsy and trip over flat surfaces constantly), I can run for buses in them, I can shop in them.. CONVERSES ARE VERSITILE OK.

♡ I had to leave my favourite until last, my little backpack. I’m pretty obsessed with cute backpacks, it’s like the key to my happiness. Backpacks and Biscuits = Charlie’s happiness. This particular one from New Look I got for my 18th & I’m 99% sure I’ve used it every day since I got it on the 8th October. 

With Love C x

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My Everyday Fashion Struggles ♡

♡ Everyone has their typical every day fashion problems and I’m going to share a few of mine. I’m neither short nor tall, I guess I’m what society would call ‘skinny’ but I don’t necessarily take that as a complement. I’m happy with my size, shape and what not, but there’s just a few things that annoy me when I’m getting ready in the mornings and just fashion in general.

White Clothing Items

Since Spring is now here, I want to wear brighter colours. One of them being that I want to buy White jeans, they just look a whole lot more Spring/Summery. I just cannot trust myself with wearing anything White, I’m so messy. I’ve never owned White trainers purely for this reason, Fifty odd pounds for me to accidently step in dog poo or fall into a muddy puddle because I am SO CLUMSY.

 Ripped Jeans

No matter what anyone says, as amazing as ripped jeans are, it is near impossible to put them on without your whole foot going through them and making them even more ripped.

Light Coloured Jeans

While we’re on the subject of jeans, the paranoia when wearing light coloured jeans at that time of the month is unreal. Since I’m not really a fan of wearing dark coloured jeans, I always have this problem.

Too much leg or too much cleavage?

I’m always so cautious about this. There’s so much on social media of girls knocking each other down for having too much skin out. It literally makes me paranoid when I’m out shopping if I see a really nice top and it’s too low cut or you turn it around and the back is open. Little things like that just make me think ‘no you couldn’t wear that, it looks too revealing’. As much as I love wearing shorts and stuff, especially in the summer, I’m never really comfortable because of stereotypes. How sad.

Size 6/8 in Seasonal Sales

I never find anything in my size throughout sale periods. In all my favourite shops New Look, H&M etc, I’m pretty sure that even from the day the sales begin they have no smaller sizes to accommodate us small people, so there we are, having to pay full price while everyone saves money. Can I just point out also, whenever I do somehow manage to find something in an 8, there is always a make-up stain or something on it. Please, have some consideration to the girls who try this stuff on after and actually want to buy it.

Dark Colours

For me, dark colours and pale skin is a no. It just makes me look 96x more pale than I already am. I love Burgundy’s and all, but they just don’t suit me.. or maybe I just need a little more confidence to wear them!

Size 7 Clothing

I’m at that awkward size where I’m not a 6 and I’m not an 8. Come on UK, where’s the size 7 clothes at??? Size 8 jeans go baggy after a while & size 6 jeans feel too tight around my bum. Size 8 tops make my flat chest look even flatter because they’re normally so baggy but size 6 are a little too skin clingy. The struggle. Though I’m loving Stradivarius at the moment.

Knicker Lines

Okay, you’re probably thinking what?? You can’t even see underwear when you have clothes on so why is it even a problem? So I wear a lot of HW skinny jeans & it is one of my biggest pet peeves when you can see your knicker line, like a little bump bit wrapped around my bum, where it rolls up. Do you know what I mean? This is why I’m glad brazillian knickers are a thing, they’re not as uncomfortable as thongs, but they aren’t full on briefs!

These are my biggest fashion problems, tweet me yours

With Love, C x

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Latest Best Buys ♡

I had some really good lighting earlier and was like damn, I have a lot of favourite things that I’ve purchased this month so why not do a blog post on them.

♡ I have to start off with my two absolute favourites of all of them. The newest watch in my collection, my lil Fossil. Since working for the company, buying watches has become a slight obsession, I’m constantly at outlets. This one is the one I wear the most though, I love it. It’s just simple, looks like a Michael Kors but isn’t so tacky & plastic looking.

♡ Next up, my second favourite of the month, the Barry M Brow Kit. I was a bit hesitant at paying £5.99 for a brow kit. If you’re like me and don’t really bother with makeup most days you’ll probably get why I never pay more than a fiver, and even that’s generous. This. Since I have owned this I genuinely don’t think I have had a bad eyebrow day. Besides the fact my brows MAJORLY need doing, this palette is unreal. I think the shade I wore before was just too light, but this one is perfect. I also treated myself to a brow brush too, a Studio London one. It’s one of Superdrug’s own branded selection of brushes and if you ask me they are so worth the price you pay. This particular brush was £2.50 and if you compare it to a Real Techniques or another majorly popular high end brush, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

♡ So I was just generally browsing around Pound Stretcher with my parents & came across their whole nail art section. I mean I know they have everything, but a whole nail art section and everything is a pound or less? I was so shocked. I bought a packet of 8 nail brushes, mainly because they were pink not going to lie. I just wanted to add them to my collection, and they’re pretty damn useful. For 50p you cannot go wrong.

♡ Yankee Candles. They’re amazing. Yes they are. Everytime I go to Ashford Designer Outlet, I have to pop in and buy me some candles. I know this is a Christmas one but if you have smelt it, I literally cannot think of anything better. Christmas cookie smelling candles was the weirdest but best smelling candle they could have made, I so cannot wait to burn this.

♡ Last but not least, of course it’s another nail product. I got this in a Barry M offer at Superdrug because I needed a better top coat for the nails that I sell as I want them as best quality as possible. Anyway, this dries in literally 60 seconds (I mean not if you dig into it, but the top layer does), it is not false advertisement like most nail polishes. I am so damn impressed. It also is a wet look one, which I think is so cool, it makes them look so glossy and shiny.

I feel like I’m talking a lot now, my thunder typing fingers are giving up on me,

With Love, C x

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Can I officially call myself a Blogger now? ♡

♡ So not so long ago, February 2016 to be precise, I made this blog, initially a free WordPress blog, and its original name being ‘BasicallyCharls’, I didn’t really have any intentions with it at that time and I posted 5 completely different posts, all in a massive space of like four weeks. I haven’t deleted them, I don’t think they were terrible but you know when you just post something because you feel the need to, rather than actually wanting to post it? It was like that. Even more unexpectedly, up until today, one of those posts is my most viewed which is shocking to me!

♡ In July 2016, I went back to it and I randomly just really got into it, I found a bunch of other bloggers and got inspiration from them. I eventually decided my blog would be a nail related blog which is where ‘NailsByCharls’ came about, and now I’ve finally stuck to a better name ‘Charlie Nailed it’ see what I did there? Has more of a pun to it I guess. Not all my posts are necessarily nail themed as you may have noticed, but I try to make a proportion of them about nails. I mean, there’s only so many nail posts to do in a week? Especially with the nail design posts, it takes up SO much time to make the pictures perfect & to do the actual nails.

♡ I hope by this time next year I’ll have much better, planned out posts and pictures (though right now I don’t think I am doing too terribly). I’m planning to do blogmas again later on this year, which I’m hoping is going to make my blog 10x better because I really want to post more regularly, coming up with original ideas for blogmas is quite a struggle though which is why I’m mentioning it now.  Only 9 months early, damn.

♡ I think I have genuinely fallen in love with blogging (cringe) but I’m on a roll with it now, and I’m gonna keep type type typing! I’m shocked people even read my blog anyway.. I am so grateful! I began it for the enjoyment, not because I thought people would care what I have to say but I’m so happy that there is a minority who enjoy my posts, it’s always warming to know. I’ve now gone self hosted which is even more motivational, I mean I’m still a little confused so if anyone has any tips send them my way!

With love, C x

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