Barry M Besties

Let’s just clarify one thing, this isn’t sponsored or anything I just R E A L L Y love anything and everything Barry M to be quite honest with you. Any good beauty product I’ve liked or owned, is usually Barry M. I thought I’d share with you some of my all time favourite purchases.

Flawless Matte Foundation – I had to start with this because I was honestly so shocked. When you think of Barry M, you would associate it with nail polish right? I would. As someone who uses beyond the lightest foundations to avoid that orange look, I didn’t expect to ever have this as the best I’ve ever used. In all of the other popular brands you find, you’d expect ‘porcelain’ to actually be what it says, but usually they’re just pure brown/orange. This is actually MADE FOR PALE PEOPLE, I repeat, PALE PEOPLE THIS IS FOR YOU!!! Only £5.99 too, and in Superdrug, Barry M is pretty much always 3 for 2. 

Shape & Define Brow Kit – I hate doing my eyebrows, it’s possibly the most annoying part of my morning. When I bought this, after using for just a couple of days, it’s just the right amount of Brown. Not to dark for my pale face & not too ginger looking. 

Barry M Matte Me Up (shade: minimalist) – when these came out, I thought yes! Something that isn’t a Kylie Lipkit, and is less than £10 for amazing quality. I was definitely right about the quality, I wouldn’t look at another brand now for lipstick. The tubes are pretty too. 

Barry M Nail Paint (Raspberry, Wet Set & Frosted Cupcakes in Earl Grey) – These take up the majority of my nail collection. I just featured my two favourite colours & the glossiest top coat I’ve ever used. So nail do’ers, this one is for you! It dries super quick. 

You definitely need these in your collection

With love,

Charls x


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OPI All Stars

I received this multi-pack of OPI nail polishes as a gift a month or so back, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. One major thing about OPI is that they test on animals to make their products. From left to right, the shade names are (prepare for some really quirky names, one thing I do love about OPI):

– Strawberry Margherita // The prettiest hot pink. I’m always cautious with wearing these colours because I personally think they’re quite provocative but there you go, I have a paranoid way of thinking.

Princesses Rule! // A sparkle baby Pink, which needs LOTS of layers if you’re going to wear it on it’s own, it’s very subtle.

Bubble Bath // A very vague Nude, nice if you just want your nails to be evenly coloured but not of a bright colour. This again needs quite a few layers, but it’s what I expected from a simple Nude.

Tickle My France-y // A typical dark Nude, caramel type colour. Plain, simple and goes with any outfit. I must say I have so many shades like this from different brands.

That’s Hula-rious // The quirkiest Green colour you will ever see. Paints on amazingly.

Do you Have This Colour in Stockholm? // A dark Purple, a daring colour for me personally as all dark colours make me look SUPER pale. It’s annoying because this is a really nice colour. I must say, it’s a little watery though.

Lincoln Park After Dark // Now, don’t be fooled. This isn’t Black which is what I thought when I first received it. It is a REALLY deep Burgundy kind of Purple colour. Again, one I wish I had the confidence to wear.

Big Apple Red // One of the brightest Red nail polishes in existence, can we just appreciate the shade of this colour because I think it is unbelievably nice. It’s also the easiest to apply. You could easily just wear one layer of this and it would be fine.

Malaga Wine // We all love a Burgundy colour, it’s one of my all time favourites.

There is also a White colour called ‘Alpine Snow’ included but I didn’t feel the need to include it as it was like a bottle of PVA glue, so watered down. I do think that with multi-packs of nail polishes, there are always going to be some bad/bog standard colours and some amazing ones, there has to be that even mix right? It’s almost like a selling tactic because they know people will still purchase it just to get the good colours, and have spares of the bog standard ones. I mean for £14 they’re still cheap, even if they are only mini’s. They have a sufficient amount in them so I don’t see the justification for the full sized bottles being £12.50 each. I’d rather have a bundle of different colours in the small version for the similar price of one.

If I did have to pick three of them, my favourites in order, would be ‘That’s hula-rious’, ‘Strawberry Margherita’ (bonus points for that one, because I love the name) & ‘Big Apple Red’, just because of it’s brightness.

They come with such varied colours, besides a Yellow and a Turquoise, how can you complain with this varied selection? They look super pretty on my nail rack too.

With Love Kiddos,

C x


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