Nail Blogger Struggles

Being a generalised blogger is hard enough as it is, me being a nail blogger mainly, I have A LOT of struggles. The struggles are worth it because I love blogging, I feel appreciated & I love what I write/do.

My Blogger Struggles:

Time: Probably a major issue for most bloggers who aren’t full time. For me, juggling work and having the hours left in the day to blog is a challenge. When it’s something you really enjoy, you manage it I guess. When I have spare time, I seriously make the most of it.

My Collection: Not having the exact shade when I want to do a nail design. Say I need a peach, I’ll have a colour which looks too Orange and one which looks too Pink.. It’s not Peach! MUA’s probably have this struggle too with eyeshadow etc.

Shopping: Every single time I’m out with my Mum or Boyfriend, without a doubt I will look at nail polishes and I’ll get the classic line of “gosh, you don’t need anymore! Come on Charlie”.. but yes, I really do. I need more pretty photogenic bottles and shades I don’t have.

Tutorials: These are my FAVOURITE things to do for Instagram and Pinterest, but nothing frustrates me more than starting to make a nail tutorial and one of these three things happens.

  1. I get called to do something/go somewhere when I had no official plans.
  2. The lighting just completely changes as if I’m in a completely different country to the previous photo.
  3. I realise I had to do something, which I now cannot do because I’d have wet nails (I’m pretty much useless then!)

Polishes in my posts: The literal moment I buy a new polish, my first thought is ‘omg okay, going to go home, paint my nails with it and then I need to incorporate it into a blog post’, I mean come on Charlie, let’s be honest, If I put every one of my polishes into a post, I’d have the most tedius blog out there.

Staring game: If I got a pound for every minute I sat staring at my colour collection, not having a clue what to use/do, boy I would be rich. I just have too many designs bursting out of my brain cells. My brain is a little like “hm, maybe Yellow because Summer but no I think I’ll use Black please”.

Desk Obsession: I guess this isn’t a bad thing as a blogger, but for general life it’s kind of shocking. I literally never leave the house in my spare time because all I want to do is nails and make blog posts? It’s like I’m obsessed with my desk more than people.

My Bank: Yep, they probably hate me, my card is SO overused. I have to use something to fund my nail blogger obsession! However, I need to learn money isn’t unlimited and nail polish doesn’t fall from the sky for free.

‘Why don’t you keep the designs on?’: Something I get a lot, mainly because of my outfits and work. Most of my designs are bright and impractical for everyday life. Believe me, if having Disney Frozen nails was socially acceptable, I’d have that every day!

Patience: Waiting for the friggin’ things to dry is my biggest issue. If I have 6 posts planned, and one nail design takes over an hour it really does stress me out! It can’t be rushed though.

They’re most of my struggles.. maybe I’ll stop waffling now.

With Love,

C x


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Barry M Besties

Let’s just clarify one thing, this isn’t sponsored or anything I just R E A L L Y love anything and everything Barry M to be quite honest with you. Any good beauty product I’ve liked or owned, is usually Barry M. I thought I’d share with you some of my all time favourite purchases.

Flawless Matte Foundation – I had to start with this because I was honestly so shocked. When you think of Barry M, you would associate it with nail polish right? I would. As someone who uses beyond the lightest foundations to avoid that orange look, I didn’t expect to ever have this as the best I’ve ever used. In all of the other popular brands you find, you’d expect ‘porcelain’ to actually be what it says, but usually they’re just pure brown/orange. This is actually MADE FOR PALE PEOPLE, I repeat, PALE PEOPLE THIS IS FOR YOU!!! Only £5.99 too, and in Superdrug, Barry M is pretty much always 3 for 2. 

Shape & Define Brow Kit – I hate doing my eyebrows, it’s possibly the most annoying part of my morning. When I bought this, after using for just a couple of days, it’s just the right amount of Brown. Not to dark for my pale face & not too ginger looking. 

Barry M Matte Me Up (shade: minimalist) – when these came out, I thought yes! Something that isn’t a Kylie Lipkit, and is less than £10 for amazing quality. I was definitely right about the quality, I wouldn’t look at another brand now for lipstick. The tubes are pretty too. 

Barry M Nail Paint (Raspberry, Wet Set & Frosted Cupcakes in Earl Grey) – These take up the majority of my nail collection. I just featured my two favourite colours & the glossiest top coat I’ve ever used. So nail do’ers, this one is for you! It dries super quick. 

You definitely need these in your collection

With love,

Charls x


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Bargain Nail Supplies 

I’ve been in the whole nail art bubble for a while now and for people who are interested in nails, just painting them or even wearing your own designs.. I thought I would let you in on a few little bargains and where to find them when it comes to saving money on nail products. 

Nail Brushes
– They’re probably a good place to start, because chances are, any design done on nails that isn’t plain, will need one or two brushes to get it closer to perfection. You’ll find nail brushes in hundreds of places on the internet, but me personally I like to actually see them first. No doubt, the ones you order on eBay from China are actually much better than would be expected because Nail supplies are one thing you can rely on eBay for! However, I find my best brushes in shops such as Poundland, Home Bargains, B&M and also, Poundstretcher. The ones I am currently using are from Poundstretcher, and I love them! £1, you cannot go wrong.

Polishes for a pound – On the topic of Poundland, most branches, have a huge range of drugstore  branded nail polishes available. Barry M, Revlon, NYC (my personal favourite, is their Gel range) and Rimmel. All amazing quality ones too, that’s coming from someone who owns all of those polishes. All for £1 a bottle instead of the £4 you pay for them usually, and £7 in the case of Revlon. Also, if you are quite an early morning person, boot sales. Go visit your local bootsale/market in the mornings, you would be absolutely surprised the amount of bargain polishes you find there. I’m happy to say, apart from maybe 10/150 of my polishes, I have never paid full price for a bottle, so it’s a great way to save. There is a man at my local who sells them all! Sally Hansen, Barry M, OPI, the lot! So definitely something to look into. 

Nail Wheel Bundles – This is where eBay comes in super handy. For practicing and for nail artists just starting out, nail wheels are a great place to begin. I always used them when I first started getting into it, and they turned out to be really useful (and pretty photogenic once fully painted, for IG of course). I order them from China, yes you do have to wait a couple of weeks, but it’s great when you’ve actually saved yourself a fiver. I pay about £1.20 for 15 nail wheels. Each have 18 nails on them, that is 270 designs!! Great way to get practicing before making sets. Quick little tip, what I do, is paint them in themes because the outcome afterwards looks great. I have a Disney, Colourblock & Geometric nail wheels as my current favourites.

Cheeky lil’ Charms – Everyone knows, adding a little sparkle or 3D effect to nails can make them look that whole lot better looking, so where can nail charms be bought without getting ripped off? Small businesses is your answer to that. My favourite place for little charms that aren’t tacky is ‘Charlie’s Nail Art‘ and no, that isn’t my site, it’s a fellow Charlie doing what she does best! Lots of little bargains over there you should definitely have a look at. 

A little bit of Sparkle – Not to forget, sites like Depop, you’ll find other small businesses which don’t necessarily have a website but are still great. I find it is useful for glitter pots which give your nails that seriously sassy look. 

Need to know where to buy anymore nail supplies? Drop me a question, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a recommendation!

With Love,

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Nail Art Necessities ♡

♡ Every nail artist will constantly talk about certain tools they own, that are involved in pretty much every single design they do. I’m going to share my nail art necessities with you because well, they’re pretty damn important.

♡ First of all, my favourite of all of them. I was on Amazon a couple of weeks ago and thought you know what I need? An electric nail file. Don’t get me wrong normal ones are great, but it’s nice to not have to do all of the work sometimes and only have to hold it whilst it files. It makes the job a whole lot quicker too, with all the different heads for it, it’s like what they have in nail shops but a bit less dangerous. Seriously recommend these! Only 7-11 pounds for a battery operated one.

♡ Acrylic clippers.. everywhere I searched for these online they were minimum £3, and they were coming from China. Honestly I know £3 isn’t that expensive but I was SO convinced I’d be able to find these cheaper. Which I did. They were 99p in Home Bargains (a really cheap shop with home, beauty, food etc in the UK). I was so happy that I didn’t have to wait for it to be shipped either, it was in the shop there & then which is also a bonus. These make life a lot easier in comparison to having a nail file, having to file it down to the shortest length. Why do that, when I can just grab these bad boys and cut them in an instant.

♡ Moving swiftly on, to nail art pens, I emphasise the usefulness of these in every single post. You’ll never guess what guys, as much as I promoted the Barry M pens, I think I’ve found a new favourite here. The NYC showtime ones, have the really super fine brush which makes is so much easier to do free hand lines and squiggles. The squeezy kind of nail pens (the Pretty & Witty one shown in pic) are amazing for doing dots, dotting tools are a lot more fiddly.

♡ Can I give a shoutout to Poundland for making such great nail art brushes, they come in a pack of about 7 and are a pound (obviously) which is the same if you compare to ones on eBay or Amazon which come from China, except you don’t have to deal with the wait. A lot more satisfying.

 That’s my top favourites of all of my nail art necessities, so until next time…

With love, 

C x 

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Nail Related Pet Peeves ♡

♡ Since getting into the whole nail art thing many months ago, I have learnt that I have MANY pet peeves when it comes to all things nail art related. The main one being that I genuinely cannot stand seeing my nails NOT painted, it’s so weird. I look at my nails, see they aren’t painted and just cringe.

 ♡ Here’s a ‘few’ other pet peeves:

  • Since we’re on the subject of always having a colour on your nails, I hate hate hate when I use my favourite colour (BLUE OF COURSE) and once I decide it’s time to change, it completely stains my nails. Leaving a mouldy, permanent colour for the next couple of days. The same applies with Greens, and especially Yellow’s!
  • The application of Glitter, as much as I LOVE sparkle, god it is difficult to get off! I really need to start remembering to use a peel off base coat!
  • I don’t know if these can be classed as a pet peeve but I’m gonna say it is! When somebody says to me ‘did you get your nails done at the shop? Why didn’t you just do them yourself?’ Okay. So, I can never find a glue that is actually strong enough to keep on good quality nails especially since with the job I do, watches and changing the batteries would break them constantly. I go to the nail shop & get them done to a very natural length, I leave the, plain so that I can paint the designs onto them. Besides, it’s nice to be pampered once in a while!
  • Over exaggeration with the amount of ‘charms’ or ‘jewels’ being used, like come on, you must admit they get rather tacky?! Personal preference on that one I guess. 
  • The most frustrating thing for me is no matter how hard I try, my left hand and right hand will never be the same. Doesn’t matter how much practice I give myself, my left hand does not want to function when it comes to nail designs.
  • I ALWAYS, when I’ve taken a picture of my latest nail design compare it to where I got my inspiration. If I get my inspiration from a professional I sit there judging myself like ‘ooo you missed abit there, that isn’t straight’ etc etc, like hello? Why am I judging myself, it’s a hobby for me, not a profession and I need to teach myself that it’s okay!
  • Having a good everything day. Hair is great, face on point, outfit looking lush… and then there’s your nails which you didn’t get time to do. Yep, it’s irritating. It just kills the whole vibe of the outfit.

There definitely needs to be a part 2 of this because I have plenty of pet peeves!

Until next time…

C x

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HOW TO: Basic Geometric Nails ♡

 Last night, randomly lacking inspiration for nail designs, I came across a geometric type of design and I loved it as soon as it saw it. I’m a fan of quirky bright designs. I thought I’d show you a simple step by step on how to do it yourselves.


♡ You’ll only need 3 bright polishes of your choice, a background colour (in mine, I used white but any light colour that contrasts to your other three is fine!)

♡ Then grab some type of tape. I used actual nail striping tape which you can order on eBay or Amazon for literally 1 or 2 pounds for 10 rolls, bargain! If you don’t like ordering on eBay, sells the rolls for 39p each, and that’s pretty good too! You can even use my discount code ‘CNA10’. Back on track, if you don’t have striping tape you can use masking tape/sellotape just be sure to cut it down to a much thinner size & if using sellotape make sure the base colour is completely dry as the sellotape will peel it off afterwards otherwise.


♡ So I did my base coats the night before so I knew they were super dry & it would save time when putting the tape on and off for the design. So with your 3 chosen bright colours paint the thumb, second finger and pinky.. one of each of these colours. In my case they were White, Purple and then Turquoise.

♡  Place the striping tape at different angles, leaving no gaps between the triangle shaped sections or this would make the lines rigid when you peel it off.

♡ Using your three colours evenly fill in the gaps between the tape which at first will appear messy (like my ring finger) and after a few minutes begin to peel the tape off and it should appear like my middle finger below.


Don’t forget the top coat! Then, literally that is all. Who knew something that looks so complex can be so easy?! I love it because it just looks so quirky.

I hope this gave you some nail inspiration for if you’re bored of plain colours because I can be sometimes!

Until next time,

C x 

[ if you want to see more nail designs, you can find some on my Instagram at @charlieannecx ] 

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Nail Wheel Ideas – DISNEY ♡

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”

“All our dreams can come true, i you have the courage to persue them”

– My favourite quotes from Walt Disney ♡


QUICK NOTE: Apologies for the bad quality photos

♡ Anyway, back to the Disney nail theme. I thought I would recreate all of my favourite characters/films in one nail design. Some were SO difficult, and well there wasn’t enough space either, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a Disney character I don’t like.

Starting from ‘Up!’ and working my way clockwise.


♡ I was super excited when this film came out & I just loved the story line so much. I didn’t want to have to choose between the little boy & Mr Fredrickson.. So I just went with the balloons instead. It gave me a chance to use my favourite colours from the Barry M collection.

♡ The next one is supposed to be Aladdin. I really wanted to include this one but had to idea what to do so I just used the colours of the lamp in the Aladdin animation to create it.

Snow White, everybody loves her, it’s such a classic Disney movie.. and well, she’s one of the Princesses so of course she’s important.

♡ I’ve never actually seen the Disney film Pocahontas butttt I do think she is one of THE most different, loveliest Disney character animations there is, so I had to feature her here.

Ariel, where do I start, I love her. If I was a mermaid, I’d want to be Ariel. That is all I have to say! I mean come on, I know she’s animated but imagine her as a real life person, she’d be every guys dream to be honest.

♡ Oh, and everything I just said basically applies to Belle too. Which brings me onto the next design which is supposed to be a recreation of what her dress looks like. I don’t think I did terribly!

♡ I mean the next one could literally be anything, interpret it how you want to.. but my intention was Tinkerbell. I couldn’t really think of a design for her but she’s one of my favourite characters so there is no way I could leave her out. I do think she deserved a little more sparkle though, oops.

Sully, ‘the big cuddly blue thing’, basically what I called him as a child. I love Sully because he’s my favourite colour.. he’s TURQUOISE.

Nemo is one of the all time favourites for everyone, but he mainly reminds me of me because he’s so dopey, not really good at much and well, just likes to be involved in everything and that describes me so much.

♡ The 101 Dalmatians are my favourite because they are the true definition of life.. they had a horrible start with that woman, but they finally got the happy ending & I just love puppies so it didn’t take much for that movie to impress me.

Winnie was every 90 kid’s wise guy… everything Pooh has ever said has been true, he’s basically the friend everybody needs in real life I guess.


♡ Next up, the pretty princess Tiana. She’s by far the most underrated Disney Princess, but why?? I love her.

♡ Just seeing the Disney Castle makes me want to go to Disneyworld so bloody bad, it is 100% on my bucket list of things to do in the next 5 years either with my boyfriend or family, even both.

Mike Wazowski, the crazy little one eyed green man I dreamed of having as a pet when I was a child.

Woody is such a genuine friend… we all deserve a friend like him in our lives, I mean come on, you’d be lying if you said he didn’t make you cry when you watched Toy Story 3?

♡ Okay, I had to save the best 3 till last ngl. My favourite Princesses like EVER. Ana, Elsa and Rapunzel. Anybody who knows me will understand how OBSESSED I am with Frozen, I mean I have Olaf on my car number plate. How much more obsessed can somebody be? Rapunzel, she has the kind of hair they promote in those Garnier or L’Oreal adverts… so damn jealous of that even if she is a made up character because my hair has not grown for a year.

POLISHES USED: (Of course there are so many colour’s similar to these but I thought I would just share the specific shades I used below anyway!)

Anywhere you see fine Black, White or Pink lines… I used the Barry M nail art pens, I 100% recommend those!

Rimmel 60 Seconds ‘Breakfast in Bed’ – Featured in the background of Up!

 Sinful Professional ‘Snow me White’ or Revlon Gel ColourStay ‘Sure Thing’ – Used where you see painted white.

Rimmel 60 Seconds ‘Caramel Cupcake’ – Used for the background of Aladdin.

Rimmel 60 Seconds ‘Blue my mind’ – (which strangely isn’t even blue, it’s purple)

Rimmel 60 Seconds ‘Chin up Buttercup’ – was literally just used for the yellow squiggly line on Aladdin.

Barry M Gelly ‘Green Berry’ – Featured in Pocahontas’ necklace, Ariel’s bottom half, the colour of Sully’s fur and the colour of Mike’s eyeball.

Revlon Gel ColourStay ‘Wild Card’ – Used for the colour of Snow White’s dress.

Clinique ’70 Degrees and Sunny’ – The orange kind of yellow you’ll see featured in Snow White and Winnie the Pooh.

Essie ‘Shades on’ – The colour of Ariel’s bikini top, the background of the Disney castle and the bottom of Rupunzel’s dress.

MaxFactor 60 Second Mini ‘Ivory’ – One of my all time favourites used for all the gold little bits of glitter you see (mainly in Belle, for her dress)

Barry M Gelly ‘Key Lime’ – Mainly used in Tinkerbell & for Mike Wazowski.

Flormar shade 401 – NEMO!

Flormar Matte ‘Perfect Mint’ – The shade that perfectly matched Tiana.

OPI ‘Thats Hula-rious’ – the pale pale Green used slightly for the Tinkerbell design. I love the name of this polish!

Rimmel 60 Seconds ‘Passion Red’ – Anywhere you can see Red, this was the colour used. It’s so vibrant, I love it.

Rimmel 60 Seconds ‘Sky High’ – Ana’s Dress.

Flormar Shade 423 – the pale Blue I used for Elsa, who actually turned out looking more like Cinderella in my opinion!

With love,

C x 

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